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30W LED Track Light

30W LED Track Light

Model No.: XH-TL-30W-B



♦ High CRI: 97+ (2700K/3000K/4000K)

♦ Good quality driver, flicker-free, PF>0.95  

♦ 1 /2 / 3 phase universal track adapter  

♦ High luminous efficiency >100lm/W @CRI80

♦ Wattage: 10W,15W, 20W, 25W, 30W

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The directional sunflower track lights allow you lights allow you to focus illumination in those places where it is needed. By making use of universal 1/2/3-phase rails, one can obtain functional and adaptive lighting that is ideal as accent lighting. The spots can be easily mounted and tilted.

With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours this luminaire is ideal for lighting systems in shops, museums, galleries, libraries, bakeries, banks and many other commercial or private applications. Sunflower track lights offer with the Citizen led chip with a very high color rendering (CRI 97) and a flicker-free driver.


 Housing materials

6063 brushed aluminum alloy



 Housing color

Black, White, Silver

 Light source

Citizen COB LED


Warm white, neutral white, cool white





 Luminous efficiency

>100lm/W @CRI80 (whole lamp)

 Beam angle 

10°, 23°, 38°


Continuous 350° rotation and 160° pivot




AC200-240V/ AC90-130V


DALI, TRIAC, 0/1-10V, DMX, RF, ZigBee


PF>0.95 Flicker free

 Track adapter

1/2/3 phase universal adapter


3-5 years

Lumen Data:

Model No. CCT CRI LED Power System Power LED Output System Output
XH-TL-30W-B 2700K CRI97 27W 32W 2870LM 2150LM
XH-TL-30W-B 3000K CRI97 27W 32W 3000LM 2300LM
XH-TL-30W-B 4000K CRI97 27W 32W 3100LM 2350LM
XH-TL-30W-B 3000K CRI80 27W 32W 4000LM 3000LM
XH-TL-30W-B 4000K CRI80 27W 32W 4100LM 3100LM
XH-TL-30W-B 5000K CRI80 27W 32W 4150LM 3150LM

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram and Lux: 

30w 30000k

30W 4000K



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  • Features: 

    - Citizen COB LED with CRI>97
    – Flicker-free driver ensures perfect light effect, PF > 0.95
    – Brushed aluminum construction and good heat dissipation
    – In white, black or silver
    – Adjustable: Continuous 350° rotation and 160° pivot
    – Adapters for choice:1/2/3 phase, compatible with Global,Norlux,etc. 
    – 3-5 years warranty

    Good light source: Citizen COB LEDs original from Japan

    citizen cob

    3-step MacAdam elipse

    3 steps

    Flicker-free driver PF>0.95  

    F series flicker-free CRI97 LED track light

    For replacement of CDM tracklights, metal halide and halogen track spotlights

    Ideal for indoor commercial lighting, retail lighting, garment lighting, various shop lighting  

    Ideal for museums, gallery lighting  

    Ideal for showroom lighting, exhibition lighting  and other partial lighting

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