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At the beginning of 2021, a strong cold air affects Shanghai.

In these coldest days, there are some busy Candex workers appeared in the CBD of Shanghai.



Bosideng, a world-renowned manufacturer of down jackets, has a beautiful landscape in the underground pedestrian passageway @East Nanjing Road. The unique deconstructive window design, fashionable and international, people hurrying on the way can’t help slowing down steps and capture this little luck in winter.






“Shouquanzhai”, a 260-year-old time-honored brand, the DP spot of its sub-brand ” Linlong Tea house ” in front of Hong Kong Plaza @Huaihai Road, was designed and built by Candex.

The special designed DP spot looks fresh and healthy, which completely conforms to the three characteristics——”Health, Fashion and High quality ” of Linlong Tea house.





The more effort, the more luckier.
The more diligence, the more fortune.
The more persistence, the more success.

The newly concluded “2020 VISION/EXPERIENCE” Innersect Exhibition detonated Shanghai! 


Blockbuster fashion brands from all over the world gathered on the scene, and many celebrities came to help out. The most fashionable people of Shanghai gathered here, where fashion, art, technology, music and other elements blended and collided.

11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi, a fashion brand created by German designer Boris Bidjan Saberi who was born in Germany. He has half German and half Iranian descent. He dares to try and stick to his own style.

Just like the two parallel lines of the number 11, through different positioning and direction, 11 precisely controls the balance between style and function, expressing the brand’s unique design concept in another way.


This time, 11 by BBS landed on INNERSECT 20/20 with “Retrospective” as the exhibition theme, presenting all seasonal products and design concepts of the brand since its establishment in 2013.

The 11 BBS Booth chose Candex as its partner this time. The design incorporates the dazzling and ambitious “11″ LOGO as the visual core to jointly create the most fashion booth.


The booth photos: 



The Black Pioneer is the style that 11 by BBS has been adhering to. The 108㎡booth continues to maintain the style and creates a strong visual impact through the combination of multiple elements.

The tough aluminum frame can be decorated with a variety of materials on the surface, which can fully reflect the design style of the 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi brand. This is also an important reason for 11 by BBS to choose Candex.



The booth uses the BRAVO™ modular construction system designed Candex, which can realize quick installation without tools and easy disassembly and assembly through its unique locking mechanism (the 11 by BBS booth was constructed only in 15 hours).

In addition, the 100% recyclable BRAVO™ system is also in compliance with the trend of the Green Displays. Candex can provide you with value-added services that make your heart beat since it can be reused. Welcome to inquire for details~

In the era of excessive consumption and environmental crisis, the fashion industry has become one of the most polluting industries in the world. Due to the lack of reasonable recycling and reuse ways for most waste clothes, a lot of resources waste and environmental pollution have been caused. In recent years, “sustainable fashion” has increasingly become one of the keywords in the fashion industry.

Recently, at the Fashion Design Forum with the theme of “Sustainable Fashion: The Ecological Power of Design Reengineering” organized by Donghua University, representatives from government departments and industry organizations, managers of famous fashion companies domestic and overseas, and internationally-known universities scholars, top design “master”, and media reporters gathered to discuss in depth how to guide the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future, as well as the challenges faced in the field of innovation, and talk about sustainable fashion to development.



Sustainability is rational adherence, and fashion design is inspiration mining. What happens when these two meet is really curious. After the Fashion Design Forum, the “2020 Sustainable Fashion Works Exhibition and International Academic Week” was held in Hongqiao, Shanghai from November 24th to 30th. Donghua University joined hands with the Candex team with the concept of sustainable display design finished the creation of this work exhibition.

Candex has always been paying attention to sustainable display materials. In previous projects, 100% recyclable aluminum profiles, environmentally friendly fabrics and green inks were mainly used. Candex innovatively proposed to use bamboo as the main material for the exhibition this time. Bamboo, a sustainable material with infinite possibilities, combined with fabric, rigid and flexible, and perfectly fits the theme of “sustainable fashion”. Once the design idea was put forward, it immediately hit it off with the masters from Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation in Donghua University.

Live photos of the exhibition:





The 5R principle of the sustainable design concept is proposed in English words starting with 5R: REVALUE, RENEW, REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCL

The sustainable 5R principle guides the direction of the sustainable design development from the general direction, reducing resource use and waste generation, achieving energy saving and environmental protection, and maximizing the sustainable design concept.

At present, many companies in domestic tend to pay more attention to “Customized Display” during the exhibition. “Customized Display” refers to the special display design and construction of different exhibitions to promote the company’s VI and products. But these are often not standardized designs, resulting in the display equipment cannot be reused after the exhibition, and the waste phenomenon is more serious.


In the process of booth design, the exhibition company mainly pursues the goal of maximizing its benefits. A large number of wooden structures are used in the booth, so that garbage is everywhere after each exhibition, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of the display design. According to the 5R principle of the sustainable design concept, reusable standardized and modular display equipment will be the future development direction of sustainable display design.

Candex has always adhered to the concept of sustainable display design and is extremely strict in selecting materials. The introduction of top foreign printing equipment, the use of environmentally friendly materials for product frames, fabrics, and inks, through exquisite manufacturing techniques and fashionable sustainable design concepts, bring new vitality to the display equipment industry, and build sustainable development with customers Partnership.

As the saying goes, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. In October, Candex, who worked hard to practice basic skills during the epidemic, was fortunate enough to receive an inquiry from the exhibition booth of the Italian luxury car brand-Alfa Romeo.

With tight schedules, heavy tasks, strict requirements, and low budgets, many traditional display companies retreated in the face of numerous difficulties. However, Candex relied on a set of secret weapons to take the order with confidence.

BRAVO™ Building Modular System uses aluminum alloy profile frames, which build the frame structure, decorative materials are used on the surface of the frame, and the picture is printed on the surface of decorative materials with green ink.

The aluminum alloy profile frame of the BRAVO™ Building Modular System can also be combined with various materials such as SEG light box/fabric frame, LED/LCD screen, plates, etc., to simplify the complex and perfectly present a variety of exhibition effects.

The standardized and modularized BRAVO™ Building System can realize quick installation without tools and convenient disassembly and assembly through its unique locking mechanism. At the same time, the standardized size can also greatly reduce the packaging volume. At present, the BRAVO™ Building Modular System has applied for a Chinese Utility Model Patent.

Alfa Romeo’s CIIE booth area is 196 square meters and the height is 4.5 meters. On October 23, after the final confirmation of the appearance design of the booth, only one week was left for drawing and production. A big challenging!

Without diamonds and no porcelain, the advantages of BRAVO™ are once again reflected. The standardized and modular BRAVO™ System can be produced quickly and reused. It took less than a week and the entire booth has been produced. In addition, Candex successfully passed the strict drawing requirements relying on solid basic skills, and the green and flame-retardant materials used in the booth also fully met the requirements of the CIIE. Thanks to the hard work of Candex, the Alfa Romeo Exhibition officially entered on October 29.

Because the BRAVO™ Building Modular System uses its unique toolless installation technology, the entire construction cycle only lasts for 2.5 days (total construction time is about 30 hours). When other booths are still applying for overtime, the Alfa Romeo booth built by Candex has entered the later stage of cleaning. The construction speed and efficiency have been praised by the surrounding colleagues. The stand dismantling time also only took 8 hours as well.

Set-up picture:


The 100% recyclable aluminum alloy profile is used as the framework, the degradable green material is used as the skin, and the green ink is used as makeup. The overall replacement of the traditional disposable wooden wall structure, and greatly reduces the use rate of wood.

The platform system selected on the booth, its adjustable feet and slabs can be recycled, and the recovery rate is as high as 95%. The entire Alfa Romeo booth fully responded to the green exhibition concept of the CIIE.

HD Live Picture:









The unique and simple design, fast and efficient construction, superb craftsmanship, and green and environmentally friendly materials combined to create a perfect booth effect, which also made Alfa Romeo staffs applaud.

Do you want such a beautiful and easy-to-built booth?

It’s better to act quickly and contact us!

As one of the largest retail trade fairs in the world, Euroshop 2020 is held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from February 16 to 20, 2020. It provides a one-stop purchase and exchange platform for the retail industry, and explores cutting-edge retail design concepts and intelligent retail technology solutions.


There are 16 exhibition halls, covering an area of 125000 square meters. The exhibition is divided into eight themes: retail marketing, Expo & event marketing, retail technology, shop fitting & store design, lighting and visual merchandising (visual marketing), food service equipment and Refrigeration & energy management.


This is the fourth time that Candex exhibition equipment (China) Co., Ltd. from Shanghai has participated in Euroshop Exhibition (booth: 5D26). At Euroshop booth site, fashionable and beautiful booth design and product display are perfectly combined, making many visitors “fall in love at first sight”.


Based on the brand concept of continuous innovation, this year’s annual new products, such as pad Pro modular light box without tools, angle Gamma Commercial exhibition series, combo Gamma Exhibition series, totem Gamma Cylindrical light box and UV printing new products, etc., to show the world the increasingly mature China Exhibition new technology.



Now it’s up to Candex to show you some of the highlights:




In the past two years, the retail industry is undergoing an essential change, and the birth rate of new technology continues to accelerate. Today’s retail approach has fundamentally changed. Retailers are experiencing unprecedented impact and facing new challenges of fierce competition and consumer demand.

In this exhibition, Candex was recognized by the audience and world-class professional buyers. We are honored to have this recognition, but we are also proud of what we have done and what we can do.

In order to help retailers maintain their leading position, Candex focuses on innovation and promotion of exhibition technology, supports the rapid growth of overseas market demand with a richer product line, and is committed to becoming a display company with global influence.


Let’s fighting in 2020!

        It’s warm in the sunshine of winter. Sitting on the thick wool carpet after skiing, being warmed in front of the fireplace in a wooden house among mountains. Looking at the fire in the fireplace, which is occasionally crackling. It is probably the warmth of winter.


        At the just concluded SGIA exhibition in the United States, Candex made a pop-up store with the theme of snow wooden house, which was warm and comfortable. It was snowing outside the window, the flashing fireplace and the fashionable bar. Could you image that these effects is presented by the SEG lightbox, the motion lightbox and the charging station?

        The toolless building system exclusively designed by Candex, can build the framework of a pop-up store very quickly. A variety of display elements can be added on the surface of the frame, such as SEG lightbox, SEG fabric box, plate material, LED screen, magnetic shelf, and etc. This new method of building pop-up store is not only beautiful and practical, but also efficient and green.


        The natural wooden decoration wall makes the whole pop-up store look fresh and bright, and the clearly wooden element that makes people feel the infinite charm of nature. Gently touching, you can feel the natural wood texture.

        Considering the value of wood resources, Candex didn’t use real wood in the construction, using the printing black technology instead – the UV flat printing technology, which can truly restore the natural texture and touch of precious wood, so as to make it true enough.

        In addition to the natural wood texture, the concrete stone texture table in the pop-up store is also printed by UV plate technology.


        Candex introduced of the world’s top industrial printing equipments and the use of the fifth generation of industrial printing head technology, which has a high printing speed. The advanced UV flat printing technology can directly print the 3D picture on the transparent material. Through the precise control system and mechanical accuracy, the smooth oil can make the bump touch and shocking visual effect on the picture presentation. In addition, the UV flat printing technology could make many effects, such as ink stacking, oil painting, double-sided painting, metal drawing, wood grain and marble grain, etc., which can meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor decoration and window layout.


         In addition, the thermal sublimation printing technology used by Candex has the advantages of soft picture, bright and full color, high precision picture and high color fastness. The professional six color printing system makes the printing color conform to the PANTONG standard. The fabric and ink of the product are made of green materials.

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        Scientific and technological innovation promotes the development of high-quality industries.Candex leads the trend of exhibition industry, introduces the world’s top equipment, focuses on innovation, and provides unique one-stop solutions for global partners!

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