• foods lighting

With 10 years production experience in indoor commercial LED lighting field,

We are full of experience to give you total solution for the various food shop, such as bread, vegetables, fish, meat, etc

Right light will give a suitable atmosphere to customers,  do you need any suggestions?  

For food lighting solution,  you should pay attention as below before you take lights for your projects, 

First, should choose the right lamps, such as downlights, track lights, panel light, spotlight or other lamps,  

Second, should choose the right wattage, light color, CRI, beam angle etc,( usually should take special color for food lighting)

Third, choose the right lamps size, lamps color, dimmable or not etc,  (small size and dimmable better)

After get the details as above, then you can get the suitable lamps now .  

If you can give us your projects, we will give you the total solution freely, and the IES file can supply freely too,

You are welcomed to contact us for more details,