4th Generation zoomable LED track light come to markets

The 4th Generation Zoomable LED track light come to markets, 
Beam angle 15-55degree adjustable, Wattage 5-35W
Built in driver, DALI,TRIAC,0/1-10V, ZigBee, PUSH dimmable and not dimmable,
Tri-color adjustable and Self diming are available, CRI80+, 90+, 97+.
Size 1, 65x150mm, 5-15W,  Size 2, 92x190mm, 20-35W,
6/4 wire 3 phase, 3/2 wire 1 phase track adapter,
10-35W zoomable LED tracklight35W led track light zoomable 35W led track light zoomable

Post time: Aug-17-2019