New products wall wash downlight come to markets

Modular hotel LED downlight, the most important member of modular lighting,

has come to markets.

With modular lighting solution, it will be much flexible for your stock and projects,

From now on, you can buy the whole lamps, you can buy trim, light module, driver separately and quick assemble or replace some accessories  within 5 seconds, they will help you save 50% stock at least and meet clients’ various special requirements in shortest time.

The light module can be single color, tunable white, DTW, with different light module can give different light output, different color, different CRI, different beam angle and lumen efficiency etc, with round and square shape, trim and trimless design, you can easily get different installation and lighting output, our patent design can give you very low UGR output, 

It is also the best solution for after sales service, if you want to change which item, any one can do it quickly, no need electrician, can save a lot of time and money.

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Post time: Jan-20-2021