Why change to LED lights

1 Energy saving

LED lighting is up to 85% more efficient than conventional light sources, which will amount to a significant saving in your electricity bills and a great return on your initial investment.

2 Lower temperature

Due to the efficiency and low energy consumption of LED technology, much less heat is generated by LEDs than conventional lighting, which reduces the need for air conditioning.

3 Longer lifespan

LEDs are built to have an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours; that means 5 years of continuous light.

4 Environmental friendly

LED technology is environmentally friendly due to its low energy consumption and the use of non-toxic elements in its production.

5 No maintenace

Due to the long life time of LEDs (approx 50,000 hours), they require zero maintenance.

6 Fewer insects

As LEDs emit very few ultra-violet or infrared rays, they do not attract insects like other incandescent light sources.

7 Instant illumination

LED lights come on at the flick of a switch without the delay or flickering, it can work at 0.003seconds

8. More choices of the light color

Wide color from warm white to cool white, Kelvin from 1800K-7000K, widely used on various place and requirements,  

Post time: Aug-10-2016